3d Modeling

We have a team of 3d artists ready to help you move your idea from paper to 3d.  We have years of experience in creating extremely detailed 3d models for use in both 3d printing and animation.

Just have an idea and want it 3d printed?  From paper sketches we can make your idea a reality.  We can help you rapid prototype until you have a market-ready product.  We have helped businesses enter new marketplaces with our 3d prototypes and 3d prints.

All 3d scans need cleanup to be able to be used in CAD software or to be 3d printed.  We have the expertise to convert your scanned 3d models into high quality 3d prints.

Our team of 3d artists have years of experience in the Hollywood 3d industry.  They’ve worked on films like Titanic, provided detailed backdrops for 3d greenscreen effects, and done award winning completely animated shorts.  None of our 3d modeling is outsourced, because we know your business depends on the quality of your 3d models.  Our experience gives us the knowledge and skills we need to turn your ideas into 3d reality.  Contact us today!

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