3d Scanning Services

We 3d scan and print for the greater Washington, D.C. Metro region.  For 3d scanning when you need accuracy and detail, we use the Artec Spider 3d scanner.  The 3d scanner captures detailed measurements at 0.1mm resolution.  Our team of 3d designers then cleans the 3d scan and readies it for printing or CAD work.  We scan and print heads for sculpture busts, objects for replication, and even reverse engineer machine parts for CAD.

We have digitized objects from the size of a house down to 1cm heirloom earrings at high resolution.  When you need a watertight scan, we do full cleanup so it’s ready to 3d print.  We customize the scan resolution to get the right level of resolution for your project.  For objects over one meter, we use photogrammetry to capture detailed measurements.

If you have an object you want replicated or scanned and are not in the D.C. Metro region, we also provide mail order scanning.  You ship us your object, we’ll scan it, and send it back with a cd containing the 3d model data.  Or we can 3d print a copy and send you back two!

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